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Curious of solar is right for your Edmonton home? Not sure what to believe about going solar in Canada? Solar Resource is an educational site that connects Canadian homeowners with the best local solar installation services across the country. We are focusing on helping Alberta homes and businesses go solar and expanding across the country as we meet and vet more solar companies to ensure we are connecting our users with the most experienced and highest reviewed solar installers. In this article we’ll go over fact vs myth about solar panels in Edmonton, and solar incentives affect ROI in Edmonton.

Why Go Solar in Edmonton?

Electricity prices in Edmonton have risen to near record levels. Alberta electricity prices hit an all time high in August 2023. For context, the July rate was 28 cents, and hit 32.5 cents in August. To put that in perspective, before 2021 the variable rate sat roughly between 5 and 10 cents. That is over a 180% increase since 2021!

Because of rising electricity costs (over a 180% increase since 2021) more and more Edmonton homes are saving money by making the switch to solar.

Unfortunately due to the rapid rising electricity prices, there is a backlog of applications for the federal grants, so important you apply now to get the ball rolling.

Edmonton blessed with ample sunlight year around, combined with key policies like Net Metering form EPCOR and the greener homes grant this has made solar more affordable than ever before expediting ROI to around 10-15 years for most homes. Here is more detail about provincial and federal solar incentives.

Net Metering with EPCOR

Edmonton’s largest utility EPCOR offers net metering from solar PV production, which is arguably the most compelling policy to accelerate solar panel ROI for Canadians.  Simply, it allows solar energy producers to sell excess electricity back to the grid, offsetting their energy costs as they can use these credits trhoughout the year. For example, say you generate more energy than you use in August when the sun is shinning well into 9pm during the summer time due to Edmonton’s northern latitude. Come December, when there is very little sun, you can use those excess credits generated in August to apply toward your December electric bill. This rollover of credits throughout the year helps lower your electric bill in the months with less sun production. This program encourages solar investment by providing a fair compensation mechanism for solar energy production. According to EPCOR’s website:

Your monthly bill

By participating in the Net Metering Program, you will have the net energy charge on your electricity bill adjusted according to the Net Metering Regulation. We will continue to read your meter as we do now.

Bills based on actual meter readings will reflect the difference between the value of the electricity you inject into the grid compared to the value of electricity you consume from the grid.

If you generate more power than you use during a billing period, you will receive a credit that is carried over to the next billing period. Excess generation will be considered credits that can be carried forward for up to 12 months to offset future electricity costs.

Based on the billing cycle, we’ll determine the Account Clearing Month, at which time all unused energy credits will be reduced to $0.

For HST purposes, the supply of energy to the customer and the exporting of energy onto the grid are considered to be separate supplies. As a result, you will be charged HST based on the gross supply of electricity rather than the net supply.

Federal Support

In addition to provincial initiatives, federal support plays a significant role in promoting solar energy in Alberta. The Canadian government has introduced several federal legislation, incentives, acts, and associations that further enhance the viability and affordability of solar power. Some of these key initiatives include:

Canada Greener Homes Grant

This federal initiative offers homeowners grants of up to $5,000 for energy-efficient retrofits, including solar installations. The grant significantly reduces the upfront costs associated with going solar, making it financially attractive for Alberta homeowners.

Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities Program

This program focuses on bringing clean energy solutions to rural and remote communities in Alberta. It provides funding and support for solar installations, promoting energy independence and sustainability in these areas.

Canada Infrastructure Bank

The Canada Infrastructure Bank offers financing options for renewable energy projects, including solar installations. This support enables the development of large-scale solar projects and contributes to the growth of solar energy capacity in Alberta.

Solar Energy Society of Canada

The Solar Energy Society of Canada (SESCI) is an association dedicated to promoting solar energy adoption and education. They provide valuable resources, information, and networking opportunities for solar enthusiasts, professionals, and organizations.

Alberta Government Incentives and Programs

The Alberta government has implemented various incentives and programs to support the adoption of solar energy across the province. These initiatives aim to make solar installations more accessible and financially advantageous for homeowners and businesses. Some of the notable government programs include:

Residential and Commercial Solar Program

This program offers generous rebates of up to 30% of the system costs, capped at $10,000 for residences and $500,000 for businesses. These rebates significantly reduce the upfront costs associated with solar installations, making it an attractive option for Alberta residents.

Alberta Municipal Solar Program (No Longer Available)

The Alberta Municipal Solar Program, run by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC), provides funding and support to municipalities and local organizations for the installation of solar projects. This program aims to accelerate the adoption of solar energy across communities in Alberta. Unfortunately as of 2023 the program is closed for applications as the funding has been exhausted.

On-Farm Solar PV Program

This program provides financial incentives for solar installations on Alberta farms. It encourages the agricultural sector to embrace renewable energy and supports the development of sustainable farming practices. The Growing Forward 2 on-farm solar program is a sub-program of the Government of Alberta’s on-farm energy management program. This solar incentive provides funding for solar installations on Alberta farms. Reduce operating costs, reduce carbon emissions and reduce your environmental impact.

These are just a few examples of cities in Alberta actively promoting solar energy adoption. Each city has its unique incentives and programs, making solar installations an attractive option across the province. Check out our Alberta Solar Incentives page.

Local Associations and Support

Alberta is home to organizations like the Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA), which promotes the use of solar energy and provides valuable resources and information for solar enthusiasts. These associations contribute to the growth of local community solar installations by advocating for renewable energy and supporting the development of solar policies and initiatives.

Seamless Solar Installation Experience in Alberta

At Solar Resource, we provide a seamless and stress-free solar installation experience in Alberta. Our focus is on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and ensuring a hassle-free transition to solar energy. Here’s what sets us apart:

Comprehensive Site Assessment

Our experienced team conducts a detailed assessment of your property, considering factors such as sun exposure, roof suitability, and energy consumption patterns. This thorough evaluation allows us to design a customized solar solution tailored to maximize your energy generation and savings.

Expert Installation Team

Our skilled technicians are trained to the highest standards and equipped with the expertise required for a flawless solar panel installation. They ensure precise alignment, secure mounting, and efficient wiring connections, guaranteeing optimal system performance and longevity.

Seamless Grid Connection

We handle the interconnection process seamlessly, coordinating with your local utility company to safely connect your solar system to the grid. Our team manages the necessary approvals and inspections to ensure a smooth transition and compliance with all regulations.

Transparent Communication and Ongoing Support

We believe in transparent communication and keep you informed at every stage of the installation process. Our dedicated project managers are available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Even after the installation is complete, we provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the optimal performance of your solar system.

Unlock Unparalleled Value for Your Investment

Solar Resource is dedicated to helping Alberta customers unlock substantial savings on their energy bills while embracing clean, renewable solar power. By choosing our tailored solar solutions, homeowners and businesses throughout Alberta can enjoy significant savings over the lifespan of their solar systems. Our focus on education and support ensures that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your solar investment.

Unleash the Potential of Solar Power in Alberta

Alberta is witnessing a renewable energy transformation, and solar power plays a vital role in this transition. By embracing solar energy with Solar Resource, you are not only benefiting from substantial energy savings but also making a significant impact on the environment. Solar power reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, decreases carbon emissions, and creates a cleaner and more sustainable future for Alberta.

Choose Solar Resource as your trusted solar installation partner in Alberta and embark on a journey towards energy independence, cost savings, and a brighter, greener future for all! Contact us today to start your solar journey.

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